The Beerline B Apartments made a commitment to sustainability as a core value. We worked with our architects and engineers to design a building with all the right details: recycled materials, low VOC paints, an advanced air sealing package, plenty of natural light and ventilation. We met with energy consultants to fine tune our energy systems and from there, we designed an advanced storm water management system to filter water from our parking lots before it hits the river. Throughout the design and building process, we’ve continually looked for ways to make the Beerline B Apartments a better, more sustainable development.

We’ve applied to become Green Built Home Certified, a rigorous third-party green building certification program sponsored by the Wisconsin Green Building Initiative.

We’re also proud to make the Beerline B Apartments the first development in our portfolio to go completely SMOKE FREE. Breath a little easier and know that everyone at the Beerline shares your commitment to a healthier lifestyle.