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Young professionals drawn to urban living – JSONLINE

We’ve always believed that the urban lifestyle delivers the most bang for your rental buck. That’s why we chose the site for the Beerline B Apartmtents, RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE OF THE ACTION! Imagine walking to work, walking to clubs and bars and living among like-minded people. When we created our slogan: “Urban Culture” we… [read on →

Construction Video 1.1: The Common Areas

Construction video 1.1 is now available on the video page. This is the second video in our series leading up to move in day. In this video you’ll get a taste of what some of the common areas in the building will be and how they take advantage of the beautiful river views that Beerline… [read on →

Dream Big, You Deserve Awesomeness: June Artwork

Dream Big, You Deserve Awesomeness Thumb

We ran this ad with the hope that everyone interested in the Beerline B Apartments dreams as big as we did when planning this community. Now that you’re here, stay a while, spend the night and check out everything about living connected at the Beerline B Apartments.